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An exciting and enriching educational experience for all students grades 8-12.  No elimination process, just a whole lot of fun!  

In Model Assembly students select their own topics, research and write their own bills, present them in committees of peers, build alliances with people in other committees or the other Chamber to represent their bills there.  Bills that pass committee, House, and Senate go to the Youth Governor for signing.  Students also can run and be elected to Youth Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, or different Cabinet positions.  If those don’t interest them they can choose to remain a legislator or give media or lobbying a try.  It’s an incredibly immersive program that builds speaking, debating, leadership, problem solving, relationship building and more. 

Thank you to all our wonderful participants and volunteers for making our first Model Assembly a huge success! Stop by next season to register for our next session. 

Please watch for news on exciting growth in our Youth and Government program!  

Would you like to support a local youth in participating in Youth and Government?  Use this form to donate to a specific students experience or to just support the general fund of Youth and Government to help make it more accessible for anyone who wants to participate!  

We are sending a delegation to Model UN in Minnesota!  

While focusing on role-playing an “adopted” country, students in grades 7-12 exercise the arts of compromise and diplomacy to attempt to solve pressing global problems. As students simulate international organizations, they begin to find new answers to tough questions, to learn and respect opposing points of view, and to utilize the tools of peaceful change.

This program creates a working replica of the United Nations, conducted almost entirely by students. Students can participate in a model General Assembly, International Court of Justice, Economic and Social Council, Security Council, Human Rights Council or Conference Newspaper.

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